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White Label Solution

Our white label solution allows you to resell our entire inventory of Group and Private Vacations directly on your website. This solution can be used by any authorized Partner Agent, such as OTAs and travel content providers.

Our White Label solution is designed to fit with your brand's look and feel, so that all you need to do is provide us with your logo.

Why use Today Voyages white label?

It is simple. You will display our entire inventory of packaged tours on your website (or just the ones you choose!) with your very own branding and with no extra work:
 we will keep on offering to you only the best worldwide tours from our most trusted and selected suppliers 
 traveler books on Today Voyages; so no manual work on your end. You will just be notified of the sale
 we remain the merchant of record for the traveler; meaning that we collect the money on your behalf
 you earn your regular commissions on every booking (yes, up to 20%)

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