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Today Voyages is a new Online Travel Marketplace specializing in Group Vacations, Private Vacations and Vacations Rentals.

We are an extension of Go West Tours, one of the most recognized inbound Tour Operators, which has been operating in North American since 1992.


Today Voyages is born out of a passion to travel the world and an opportunity to share our contacts.

Our founders, Florence Solal & Stephan Forget, have traveled to over 150 countries and, throughout the years, have developed professional partnerships with a strong network of local tour operators - industry 'friends' that we trust and who are eager to work more consistently with English-speaking countries. 


All of us in the team share the same devotion to travel and building connections, whether within a group of like-minded travelers, or with friends and family on a road trip or vacation rental.


Today, we are ready to share our worldwide connections with our fellow globetrotters as an easy and flexible way to explore the world.


So go explore and be assured that we have your back; we are just a call away if you need us during your adventure. 

We look forward to taking you on the best travel adventures!

We make travel accessible. Our partners make it memorable.

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Best Value
  • Are you just another Marketplace?
    No, we are not a traditional markeplace! Our platform only features tours and vacations rentals that are managed and operated by a network of trusted local tour operators, offering high-quality standards and high value for money products. We take full responsibility of the tour we sell. Moreover, as a California based corporation, all tours featured on our site are protected by our liability insurance.
  • How much does it cost to become a Today Voyages Travel Advisor Partner?
    Nothing. It is absolutely free! It is actually quite convenient as it will unlock up to 20% commissions on each completed booking. Booking tours and vacation rentals on Today Voyages is at no extra cost to you and 100% of the commissions will be paid out with no additional fees either.
  • When will I receive my commissions?
    Commissions are paid via electronic funds transfer or other acceptable means on a monthly basis by the 15th of the month after check-out. In order to process the commission payments, we will ask you to provide us with current ACH banking instructions or other payment instructions, accounting contact information, and a completed and signed Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN-E within 30 days of the first Booking being submitted.
  • What is the Travel Agent Management Portal?
    Our Travel Agent Management Portal is designed to enable you to collect and manage all your Today Voyages bookings in one place. The Portal features allow you to track your sales and your commissions, stay on-top of any booking-related communication, add multiple agents to create a team, and more. We have designed it to give you a quick and effortless way to book tours and vacation rentals with us. We pride ourselves to have developed cutting edge but essential technology.
  • Do I need a travel agency accreditation to partner with Today Voyages?
    Yes, you do! While you do not need to be based in North America to partner with us (we love our international advisors and resellers...), we do require any of the following accreditations to join our Travel Advisor Partner Program: IATA, TRUE and/or CLIA. If you are not accredited with any of the above organizations but you feel like you could still be of great added value, don't panic. You can always join our Affiliate Program.
  • Can I purchase Today Voyages products in my own currency?
    No, unfortunately you will only be able to purchase our products in USD. This is because our Travel Advisor Program is designed for US-based travel advisors. We designed it to remove any risk connected to foreign exchange. USD is not such a bad currency, is it?!
  • What kind of support do you offer to Travel Agents?
    We have a support team on-hand to help you - from account sign-up, all the way through to assisting you with any bookings you made and manage. You can email us, chat with us or call us at any time! We also have a Facebook Group that's dedicated to Travel Advisors. Moreover, all our local partners offer a 24/7 emergency line. This will be provided prior to departure and can be used by your clients while on the road.
  • How long should I wait before confirming the tours to my clients?
    90% of our inventory of products is connected to our partners for immediate booking confirmation. If you are a booking a Free Sell product you can confirm the booking to your client right away! This is a big advantage if you are planning on reselling online or package our products with air tickets.
  • What payment options do I have?
    Currently we offer three payment options: Credit Card, PayPal and Affirm. Credit card payments require 100% pre-payment; whereas PayPal and Affirm allow to pay over time in multiple installments. Affirm is only valid for US and Canada resident and allows to set up an automated payment plan with no interest or fees and no impact on your credit score. Learn more about Affirm
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